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Creative Communications Consultant

Many notable professionals have the perception of branding as a function of the marketing department.  It has to do with graphic design and strategic placement of logos and such.

But I have developed a much deeper sense of the term. Because branding is ultimately reputation building.  And a reputation is always diminished by something called incongruency.  Incongruence simply means that not every aspect of the impression given is consistently in harmonious balance.  It may be a soldier in full parade dress, but his shoe is untied.  It may be the very well behaved man who uncharacteristically curses at traffic.  Or a very beautiful woman in a spectacular evening gown, wearing sneakers. 

In the pursuit of capitalism, each of us are responsible for portraying the brand of the organization we represent.  There is no point in having a very well designed logo so diligently placed in the public view if the customers who are curious enough to approach are not treated in the same manner they have come to expect from the messages the company puts forth into the community on a regular basis.  Likewise, if a company is known for great products or services, it creates incongruence to send messages that are not in complete alignment with the reputation being so diligently earned but by its hard working employees.  

Therefore, branding is a function that extends to every member of the organization, as well as every action taken and every message communicated, whether intentional or inferred.  Every customer impression, every internal or external communication either enhances or detracts from the reputation of the brand.  So we must be very deliberate in how we treat each other and how we and our products treat every single customer.  Because after all, the reputation of the brand ultimately defines who we are as an organization...and as a person.

The Importance of Branding

The Pursuit of Excellence

Striving for excellence...   It is not merely the pursuit of perfection. For expressions of perfection are cold and lifeless.  

Native Americans of the Navajo tribe have created elaborate patterns of symmetry in their beadwork generation after generation.  But they believe that if their pattern is absolutely perfect, it has no soul.  So somewhere in every pattern they create, one bead is intentionally placed out of 

sequence.  Perhaps it is one bead that is the wrong color, or the right color but out of sequence.  They do this out of the knowledge that there is no living being that is totally perfect.  So the bead that they misplace is called, "The Spirit Bead".   The Spirit Bead gives life and passion to their creation.  It makes it possible to express beauty, wonder and tranquility.

My quest for excellence is not a need for control or perfection.  It is simply a journey toward growth.  Growth that gradually begins to reveal itself as improvement and innovation.  No one can become great overnight.  But small daily increments have a compounding effect that always results in "better".  Better performance, better results, better achievements and better rewards.  Inevitably...a better life...